Membership involves becoming a member of ABWA National and a local chapter.  Becoming a member gives you the exposure you’re seeking with other business women inside and outside our city. 

Membership Brochure

Membership Application

Membership Brochure

Membership Application

Membership Dues and Information

 $115 for National dues to ABWA

Check or credit card. You will receive a renewal invoice from ABWA National each year on your membership anniversary date.

$50 for local chapter dues

Checks only. Please make payable to Lakeland Downtown ABWA.  Local dues are due the same month as your national dues.



Mail the application and checks to:

Lakeland Downtown ABWA, P.O. Box 1234, Lakeland, FL 33802-1234

Have Questions About Membership?

Contact Membership Chair, Krista Rogers, for further details.

The Hand of Friendship Program

Recruiting new members has always been an important aspect of maintaining the growth and sustainability of the American Business Women’s Association. ABWA’s recognition program called “The Hand of Friendship” was introduced in the early 1950’s. The purpose of the program is to recognize ABWA’s unsung heroines, those members who demonstrated “their active desire to see the American Business Women’s Association grow.” Today, there are nine levels of the Inner Circle, each level represented by a different jewel. Many of our Lakeland ABWA members have earned jewels through this program!