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2019-2020 Vision Statement

As we discover strength, deepen character, and develop poise, we empower ourselves to unleash true potential

ABWA Mission Statement

Bringing Together Businesswomen of Diverse Occupations

The mission of ABWA is to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support, and national recognition.

How to Get Invloved

About Our Local Chapter - Lakeland Downtown ABWA

Monthly Chapter Meetings

Monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, 11:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn (Banquet Room), 3839 Don Emerson Dr, Lakeland FL 33811. Cost is $20 for members who RSVP by noon the Friday preceding the meeting; cost is $25 for members who do not submit their RSVP by noon the Friday preceding the meeting. Guests are $30. Please note that if you reserve a seating, you are responsible for payment even if you do not attend. You may assign a guest to attend in your place; guest please notify us on check-in.

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About Our Local Chapter - Lakeland Downtown ABWA

Networking Luncheon

The networking luncheon is normally the 4th Wednesday of each month, 2 weeks following our monthly chapter meeting at a local restaurant or business. Attendees get to promote their business with their 30 second commercial or other networking exercise – it’s a wonderful way to meet your fellow ABWA sisters and learn about their business as well as advertise yours! Silver and above sponsors get to host the networking luncheons and promote their businesses with a 20 minute presentation. Contact Sponsorship Chair with questions or to schedule your Networking Luncheon.

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About Our Local Chapter - Lakeland Downtown ABWA

Professional Development

Part of the ABWA mission is to provide professional development opportunities for our members. Our ​Professional ​Development events, which are usually low or no charge to our members, occur approximately every quarter and feature speakers and activities designed to meet the needs of our members. These events can be anything from Using Social Media in Your Business, to Learn​ing​ Public Speaking, to Transforming Your Professional Wardrobe! Click below to learn about our upcoming Professional Development events!

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About Our Local Chapter - Lakeland Downtown ABWA

New Member Luncheon

If you’re a new member, come to our quarterly orientation luncheon. Get to know your fellow ABWA Sisters, Learn about our chapter and advertise your business. Lunch is included!

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About Our Local Chapter - Lakeland Downtown ABWA

Leadership Symposium

Our 5th Annual Women’s Leadership Symposium provides a platform for women to learn and share the topic of Inspiration to Transformation, rise to new heights and embrace their transformation to become better leaders. Admission includes a light breakfast, lunch and an opportunity to interact with our speakers through discussions and breakout sessions.

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Chapter Award Winners

Top 10 Business Women Nominees

The Top 10 Business Nominee is a current or past officer who has achieved career goals, served her community and engaged in continuing education. Nominees compete for the national title “Top Ten Business Woman” and are announced at the annual national conference.
2017 - Kristin Burton
2016 – Susan Chandler

2015 – Mary Stephenson

2014 – Maria Martinez

2013 – Kim Andreadis

2012 – Gina Berry

2011 – Jeanette Wallace

2010 – Susan Musser

2009 – Christine Boring

2007 – Lesley Corban

Woman of the Year Award Recipients

Woman of the Year is an award for a member who is well rounded and participates in the activities of the chapter as well as a role model for ABWA members.
2017 - Trina Kingery
2016 – Mary Stephenson

2015 – Maria Martinez

2014 – Jessica Minter

2013 – Gina Berry

2012 – Jeanette Wallace

2011 – Marnet Waters

2010 – Jennifer Bush

2009 – Debbie Rydberg

2008 – Kim Andreadis

2007 – Susan Musser

2006 – Lesley Corban

2005 – Teresa Sample

2004 – Carol Hall

2003 – Julia DiSpada

2003 – Bea Kilgore (Liberty Chapter)

2002 – Kim Aldridge

2001 – Cindy Ortmann

2000 – Sharon Munson

1999 – Joanne Saxion

1998 – Lisa Lott

1997 Shirley Whitney

1998 – Pat Phipps (Florida Gold Chapter)

Protege Award Recipients

The Protege Award is for members completing their first or second year of membership who have recruited at least one new member and have made a significant contribution to the chapter.
2017 - MeLynda Rinker
2016 – Trina Kingery

2015 – Joni Tyler, Jennifer Daniell, Lynn Browning

2014 – Kimberly Chappell

2013 – Kristin Burton

2012 – Maria Martinez, Edna Williams, Jessica Gutowski

2011 – Marion Foucher and Jessica Minter

2010 – Gilit Kontny and Monica Young

2009 – Jeanette Wallace and Gina Berry

2008 – Marnet Waters and Karen Rudolph

2007 – Debbie Barbee

2006 – Christina Moore

Manber of the Year

2016 – Stego Blue
2014 – Jason Venning

Woman of Excellence

2016 – Maria Martinez

He Rocks Award

2014 – Jonathan Crain

Recruiting Awards

Inner Circle Award (22 recruits): Jeanette Wallace, Kim Andreadis, Maria Martinez

Inner Circle Award (11 recruits):  Susan Musser, Christine Boring, Kim Andreadis, Debbie Rydberg, Jeanette Wallace, Gina Berry

Circle Pin Award (6 recruits):  Jeanette Wallace, Karen Rudolph, Marnet Waters, Mary Stephenson